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Searching for free domains, after loitering around yet found nothing?

Well, getting a domain is something necessary for someone who start blogging, a sale page, or even a business page. If you want to find a free domain with .net or .com, this may upset you. If they were still free, millions of people would snatch them away. Then, the web host would eventually dwell the domains for free, and just like you are just adopting one's life, without any returns. But, there are some free domains giving like .co.cc, .co.nr, .tk, though .com and .net are better, they need money =(.

But, .tk and other free domains are also not bad. You can make them a landing page for your site, which can build some backlinks back to you site as they redirect to your main site/blog. Besides, if you want to get rid of .blogspot.com , or .wordpress.com, which are seemingly odd, and these free domain are the best choice for you to start blogging. =)

Free Domains


Needless to say, here's some pictures =) For more details, visit the site!


Well, this domain you can get only 2 free domains from them. Two domains still not enough yet? Try the others!


It's lifetime free!


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